LEED Initiative

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system.  If you are working towards receiving a LEED certification for your project, using natural stone can be the key to earning points in a majority of categories assessed for sustainable building. 

Using Natural Stone makes sense

  • Natural stone has good thermal mass. It has the ability to store and slowly release heat.  Thus, natural stone scores well in the Optimize Energy Performance category.
  • Light colored stone can be used to reduce the heat island effect with its solar reflectance properties.
  • Stone is durable and is a great option to hold down life-cycle costs.
  • In the Materials and Resources category, natural stone can earn points in building reuse and construction waste.

Partnering with Tompkins Bluestone as your stone supplier makes even more sense

At Tompkins Bluestone, stone is quarried and fabricated locally.  Our facility is within a 500 mile radius of many major metropolitan areas including: New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Therefore, using our stone can earn regional material credit.

Tompkins Bluestone consistently strives to develop sustainable business practices throughout all areas of operation. Through reclamation of quarries, conservation of energy, recycling water, and reworking stone remnants we are meeting our customers' needs while minimizing the impact to the environment.